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Doctor History

How we treat folks. Trying to treat them like family, treat them like we would want to be treated. We’ve got a lot of staff members that have been with us for years, and that’s a positive thing, especially from the patient’s standpoint. I’ve heard patients talk about offices they came from that every time they went in there were different people there. But I think it’s just our attitude of wanting to treat people, serve people. That’s kind of our philosophy, how can we serve you when you come in. We don’t want to sound like ChickFilA, how may I serve you today, but really that’s what it comes down to, is service and what we can do for patients.

What sets our Greenville, SC dental practice from the rest is our commitment to honest, personalized dental care for all ages. We are skilled professionals who genuinely love caring for our patients. What we do goes beyond bread-and-butter dentistry; we aim to build trusting relationships with our patients, and we only recommend treatments that we would recommend to our own family members. Find out how Brown Family Dentistry Group is different. Visit us today!

Comprehensive Family Dentistry
One of the biggest patient complaints is having to see different dentists for treatment. At Brown Family Dentistry Group, we offer comprehensive dental services in one convenient location: general and preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, restorations, and periodontal care. No need to drive all over town!

Unique Services
Dr. Brown is one of the few dentists offering Perio Protect, an FDA-approved gum disease treatment for moderate to severe cases. This advanced system features custom trays that deliver medication to the gum pockets and protect your mouth between cleanings. Combined with great oral hygiene and traditional root scaling and planing (deep cleaning), Perio Protect can eliminate gum disease without surgery.

Your dentist in Greenville also offers DIAGNOdent, a laser device that detects hidden cavities. These tiny cavities may be too small to be detected by conventional X-rays, but they wreak havoc with your teeth just the same. Dr. Brown will fill the cavity to prevent further damage.

Comfortable, Personalized Care

We’ve designed our office to be a stress-free zone and a comfortable setting to receive dental care. From your first visit to your follow-up appointments, we make sure that you are relaxed and happy. Our consultations are no-pressure conversations about your oral health goals. You are in control of every aspect of your treatment, from the type of procedure to the dental materials used.

Visit your dentist in Greenville, SC today! Call us at (864) 322-5051 or use our online form to schedule a consultation.

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