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Root Canal – Post Operative Instructions

After root canal therapy, your tooth can be very sore to chew on. Please refrain from chewing on the tooth for approximately 5 days. Please take the directed medications to help any inflammation which has occurred at the end of the root in the bone. If you experience swelling in the area where the root canal was performed, please call our office immediately to have the situation evaluated. If this was to happen, it usually occurs within a 24 hour period from the appointment date. A temporary filling is usually placed in the tooth for the period between appointments unless otherwise stated by your doctor. After a root canal is initiated and completed, the tooth has been weakened. Please do not chew anything hard like nuts or popcorn until it is reinforced with a crown. It is possible that one can chew on the tooth and split it down the roots. If this was to happen, the tooth would need to be removed.

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