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I’m Afraid of the Dentist

Greenville Comfort Dentistry
Are you afraid of the dentist? Don’t feel bad if you are. Many Americans have some form of dental anxiety or phobia. Some are scared of needles, drills or the smells in the dental clinic. Others find it hard to sit still during procedures. There are also those who hate the loss of control they feel. Most people can overcome their anxiety and get dental treatment, but others are overwhelmed, delaying appointments until they are in pain.

If this sounds like you, Greenville, SC dentist Dr. Brown has great news. At Brown Dental Care, we care for terrified patients every day. Our practice is a stress-free zone dedicated to your comfort.

Stress-free Dental Office

We have roomy treatment rooms that are designed with patient comfort in mind. You can watch videos or DVDs on your own TV in the chair. We also offer comfort items such as blankets.

We provide the Wand pain-free injection system, a combination of topical anesthetics to get the best numbing result and the most comfortable shots, and other relaxation techniques to make every dental visit as comfortable as possible.

Wand Anesthetic Delivery

The Wand is a computerized injection system that minimizes discomfort when delivering local anesthetic. It features a fine needle attached to a pen-like device. Pain is usually not caused by the needle entering the skin, but the pressure caused by anesthetic that is injected too quickly. What the Wand does is regulate the speed of injection so that the anesthetic is delivered slowly. A drop of anesthetic also numbs the gums before the needle is inserted. Most patients report that they feel no pain when the Wand was used to inject the local.

Find out how dentistry can be so comfortable and worry-free! Call our Greenville, SC dental office at
864-408-8873 or make an appointment online.


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