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I’m Embarrassed to Smile

People who come in and comment that they have problems eating things, well some people it comes down to just the way their bite is, the way it developed. Some of those folks are orthodontic patients. But a lot of patients are folks have lost teeth over the years, and when you lose some teeth, other teeth drift and move around. Sometimes the smile still looks nice because the front teeth are okay but the back have issues because of the changes over the years.

There are several ways to improve the bite. I make evolved crowns on teeth, sometimes fillings, bridges are one way to replace missing teeth; it’s something that’s permanently cemented onto the adjacent teeth to fill in. But one of the ideal ways to replace missing teeth are implants. It’s like putting a tooth back in, root and everything. It’s amazing when people have the implants done, there are a lot of folks that will be hesitant and they’re like, you know it sounds like you’re putting a screw down on my jawbone and it sounds like it will hurt. And it’s amazing how often patients will come back from the periodontist or the oral surgeon, whoever is placing the implant, and will comment, that wasn’t any big deal, I had less soreness than when I had my tooth pulled years ago. And then ultimately when that heals, we can put a crown back there. It’s like putting a tooth back in.

So that’s one way to replace missing teeth, well, two ways; the bridges and the implants with crowns. The other options are partials and there are patients who have missing teeth and they would really like to have some more to chew with, and it can come down to a cost factor. Implants are really nice, bridges are nice, but they’re more expensive, more investment involved. Partials are another option. Not the best way to do it but hey, it works for a lot of people. I have family members who have partials and they’re so happy with it I wouldn’t attempt to go back to implants.

Can’t eat the food you love? The usual reason is loss of chewing ability that may be temporary or long-term. Chewing problems are caused by tooth decay, gum disease, missing teeth, and poor-fitting dentures and dental appliances. Loss of or reduced chewing ability often leads to diet restrictions. You have to eat soft, moist and often bland foods. If it’s been too long since you enjoyed a meal, Greenville, SC dentist Dr. Brown can bring back your chewing ability, allowing you to eat the foods you love.

Loose Teeth Caused by Gum Disease

If you can’t eat because of loose teeth due to advanced gum disease, gum disease treatment is recommended. Dr. Brown is one of the few dentists offering non-invasive gum disease treatment with Perio Protect. Perio Protect features custom mouth trays filled with bacteria-killing medication and a special gel that turns tartar into a soft mush that is easier to remove with brushing. Removing the loose tooth is only recommended as a last resort and when conservative treatments have failed to heal the gums and soft tissues.

Poor-Fitting Appliances and Missing Teeth
Because the mouth changes over time, dentures and dental appliances need to be adjusted or relined. Dr. Brown will check your mouth and adjust the appliance that is causing discomfort. If the appliance is too old or worn, replacement is recommended. Consider bridgework or dentures supported by dental implants if your old dentures are making it difficult to eat.

Tooth Decay

Mild to moderate tooth decay is treated with fillings, while severe damage requires inlays/onlays or dental crowns. Endodontic therapy or root canal is performed if the dental pulp is infected. The best treatment for tooth decay is early treatment. Dr. Brown uses the DIAGNOdent laser cavity-detection system to identify and treat cavities that might be missed by probes and X-rays.

End chewing problems for good and enjoy meals again. Schedule a consultation today with your dentist in Greenville, SC!


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